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Air Abrasion

Air Abrasion

No shots! No Drills! Air Abrasion is a gentle spray of an air-and- powder mix that is used to remove tooth decay and prepare a tooth for a filling. It allows us to remove only minimal amounts of tooth structure, thereby preserving more of your natural tooth structure. Most people are amazed when they experience the gentle process of Air Abrasion.

This new technology emphasizes conservative, healthy, aesthetic dental care. Since a shot is not necessary in most cases, you will not have numb or drooping lips after your dental procedure. The art and science of dentistry have changed, offering a no needle, no drill, and no fear procedure for removing tooth decay. At the slightest hint of tooth decay, we will put a caries detection dye on the suspicious tooth. This colored liquid helps identify the position and extent of decay even that not visible to the naked eye. We then can take care of the problem, usually in less than 10 minutes.

Why is Air Abrasion better than the old drill?

The air abrasion device that we use instead of the drill is the KREATIV system. It’s
technology eliminates the odors, noise, vibration, micro-cracks and, in most cases, the shot associated with the drill.

Once Air Abrasion removes the decay, how is the cavity filled?

This is the beautiful part, literally! We will fill that cavity with a nearly invisible, non-mercury filling, making the entire tooth strong, long lasting and resistant to decay. The finish is attractive. Your tooth is going to look brand new!